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Good flow and interaction.
— Michelle – KS

Many diversified activities and meditations. There was a very good mix of group interaction, instructor teachings, meditations, journal writing and other activities. The four hours went by so fast… Heather is a calm, natural teacher.
— Annette – Delaware

I can really tell how passionate Heather is about this. You can see she cares deeply about this topic, and the people she is helping through her classes, retreats and interactions. I was thoroughly impressed with Heather and know she’ll be a great teacher and very effective communicator.
— Patrick – Phoenix AZ

It made me realise how much we always want to change about ourselves, or something in our lives hoping for the fanfare of arriving at happiness. Heather made me think more about changing the way I think, which will help the way I feel. Acceptance isn’t easy sometimes but with practice it will become better. Really enjoyed listening to Heather, she came over as very natural with the subject – JB

Heather’s voice is so soothing, i nearly fell asleep. It was interesting to find out that what we do naturally, is self care. – AM

Thanks I really enjoyed it. She was very good in the meditation , I struggled to open my eyes again – SC

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