With Spring right around the corner and with it being synonymous with renewal, I’ve been thinking about how this is the perfect time to clear out my house a little bit and do some spring cleaning. 

So I went through my closets, piling up clothes I haven’t worn in a long time and don’t plan to wear again.  I cleaned out the storage room and removed old Christmas and Halloween decorations.  With each piece that I put into the donation pile, I felt lighter.   It felt as though I was freeing myself.   I allowed myself make room and space in my home and open it up just a little more. 

Why we need a clean up too..

This kind of cleaning makes me think about how as humans, we need to do some decluttering too from time to time.   It is benefical for us to clear out old beliefs and ways of thinking.  It can be easy to hold on to belief systems that you have had for a long time because it has become a default way of thinking.  But as you grow and evolve and learn new ways, similar to computer software, those old thought patterns can become outdated and will need an update. 

Otherwise, the old ways of thinking are going to hold you back and keep you stuck.  And nobody wants that!  So maybe it’s time to take a look around..inside yourself..and ask….

Are there any outdated thoughts you have about yourself that can use some updating?