Gratitude is a change maker.  Let me repeat that.  Gratitude is a change maker.  It sets the tone to create a positive mindset.

Starting a gratitude practice can be as straight forward as practicing gratitude on a daily and regular basis.  When you practice gratitude regularly, it changes your mindset and becomes a catalyst to build a strong foundation to frame your life around.  Your mindset becomes tuned in to success and creates a willingness to be open to appreciate the life you have.   You build an appreciation of yourself, what you have, the people in your life, and the moments you experience.  This  can help you become more supportive and compassionate towards your life experiences and  help you become your own cheerleader.  Every practice of gratitude is a moment to root for yourself, appreciate what you currently have, and create opportunities for success.   Simply by noticing what you already have to be grateful for in your life.  Right now. 

Cyclical Effect

The practice of gratitude creates a cyclical effect.  One good action creates a feel-good reaction (appreciation), which in turn starts the desire to want to keep building on that foundation of good actions and feel good reaction (appreciation) so that it builds and builds.  This continues and inspires more of the same until it becomes cyclical.

So how does that happen you may be wondering?  The more gratitude you express, the more you begin to appreciate all aspects of your life and what you have!  It releases the -lack- a mentality that holds you back and moves you into a growth mindset. 

Growth Mindset

When you’re in a growth mindset, the door opens so you not only give but to receive.  This helps to build confidence.  By building confidence in the very things you wish to do in your life, you will start to realize that you are capable of doing what you desire. There is greatness within all of us that we can tap into that lays dormant.  Until you notice it and bring it to life.

What blocks the ability to tap into the well of greatness is that dang ego and the shield it has in place.  The ego wants to protect you by using fear and anger,  to block you from getting hurt.  Sure, this is helpful, but it also keeps you stuck in place.   Using gratitude is the way to drop the shield of the ego.   It’s the way to check the ego (or you can gently thank it!)  and allow for you to align with your true self and be one with your true nature. 

You can start by noticing one thing you are grateful for and build on it from there. 

What are you grateful for in this moment?

And remember…always ask yourself..How can I be true to myself?